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How well do you remember the first season of The Twilight Zone?

Test your knowledge of the Fifth Dimension!

On October 2, 1959, television history was made. The Twilight Zone premiered to rave reviews as it enraptured viewers. Surprisingly, it was not an immediate hit. The eerie anthology series took a few weeks to find its audience, but once it did, it became an immediate classic. 

Chilling episodes such as "The Hitch-Hiker" and "Mirror Image" brought a cinematic approach to the small screen. 

There's no arguing that The Twilight Zone remains a high-water mark for all television — no wonder Hollywood keeps remaking it. You are undoubtedly familiar with many twists, plots and shocks. But let's see how well you know the first season!

  1. He starred in the episode "Execution." But you know him best as this classic sitcom character.
  2. He was tied for the most appearances on The Twilight Zone with four. Who is he?
  3. What was the name of this character?
  4. You know this kid in "Walking Distance" as which beloved 1960s TV character?
  5. There were 36 episodes in the first season. How many of those screenplays were written by Rod Serling?
  6. What was unique about the episode "A World of His Own"?
  7. Pick the one classic episode that did NOT air in season one.
  8. Pick the image that appeared in the opening credits of the FIRST season.
  9. What was the title of the first episode of The Twilight Zone?
  10. The Twilight Zone aired on this network.
  11. Was this man an alien with a third eye hiding behind his hat?
  12. Which acclaimed composer created the theme music heard in season one?
  13. The Twilight Zone originally aired on this day of the week.
  14. The pilot for The Twilight Zone, "The Time Element," aired on November 24, 1958, as part of this anthology series.
How well do you remember the first season of The Twilight Zone?

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