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How well do you remember characters from black-and-white TV shows?

Is your memory is as clear as black & white?

The earliest TV shows were filmed entirely in black & white, which leaves us with a mountain of characters we'd probably only recognize in grayscale.

Think you can recall the names of all the characters that made classic TV great?

Scroll through this slice of TV history below and find out if your memory for these famous faces is as clear as black and white. 

Only the biggest fans of classic TV can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. Who's the little guy on the right playing doctor?
  2. Clint Eastwood played a memorable Western character in the 1950s and '60s. What was his character's name?
  3. This TV beauty was a friend to all animals, not just the kitty seen here. What was her character name?
  4. On The Andy Griffith Show, we're used to seeing this guy on TV behind bars, but don't worry, he's got the key. What's his name?
  5. Fans of the hit '60s show featuring this character will recognize him as the opposition. What was his name?
  6. Here's another kid from 1950s TV, with a reputation as a troublemaker. What's his character's name?
  7. This actress went on to change TV history after playing this character in the 1960s:
  8. On Gomer Pyle, USMC, Ronnie Schnell played this memorable character, who most of the time simply goes by:
  9. This cowboy from the 1950s was known to pass around a business card with his name prominently displayed. What was it?
  10. Last question takes us into The Twilight Zone. Following this character's episode likely pulled you to the edge of your seat:
How well do you remember characters from black-and-white TV shows?

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