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How well do you really know the leading men of 1950s TV?

Break down the biggest names in black & white.

The 1950s gave us Lucy and Desi, Perry Mason, the Lone Ranger, the whole Cleaver family (and, yes, Eddie Haskell too), and so much more. It was the beginning of every big show that has since become canon, inspiring everything that came after, as well as plenty of reboots to boot.

But today, we're focusing on just the guys to see if you can match some of the decade's leading men with the classic series they belong on. 

Only those truly fascinated with the Fifties can score 8/10. Good luck!
  1. ROD SERLING was the host of:
  2. RAYMOND BURR was the star of:
  3. WARD BOND was the star of:
  4. JACK WEBB was the star of:
  5. HUGH BEAUMONT played the dad on:
  6. WILLIAM FRAWLEY played the neighbor on:
  7. CLINT EASTWOOD starred in:
  8. KEN CURTIS played the deputy on:
  9. BOB DENVER played the best friend on:
  10. JIM BACKUS played the husband in:
How well do you really know the leading men of 1950s TV?

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