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How well do you know the Twilight Zone episode ''The Shelter''?

How well do you know the episode where a small community is rocked by a harrowing radio announcement?

As A Toast to Twilight comes around once again, we find ourselves looking back into the Twilight Zone and appreciating each episode of arguably one of the most iconic sci-fi tv shows ever. This time, test your knowledge of an episode all about the dangers of fear and mob mentality: "The Shelter".
  1. What special occasion are the families celebrating?
  2. Where do the families hear about the "UFO"?
  3. What do the families think is happening?
  4. Which major city is the town closest to?
  5. Who is the first person to ask Bill to use the shelter?
  6. Why do the neighbors start fighting each other?
  7. Who instigates the attack on the shelter?
  8. What do the neighbors use as a battering ram?
  9. What activity do the neighbors suggest after they hear the news broadcast?
  10. Complete the line: "For civilization to survive, the human race needs to remain..."
How well do you know the Twilight Zone episode ''The Shelter''?

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