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How well do you know the I Love Lucy episode ''Lucy goes to Monte Carlo''

Does Lucy make it big in Monte Carlo?

National Card Game Day celebrates all kinds of games you can play with cards. From small games played at home to the wild card games in the casino, anyone can pick up a set of cards and have a good time. Why don't you test your knowledge of this episode where Lucy and Ethel win big in Monte Carlo?
  1. How does Lucy get out of seeing Ricky's show?
  2. Fred tells Ricky that he messed up the numbers for his last show. How much money did they actually make?
  3. Why does Ricky caution Lucy against gambling?
  4. How do Lucy and Ethel get to go to the Casino even though Fred and Ricky told them not to?
  5. What casino game does Lucy accidentally win?
  6. How many times does Lucy win?
  7. Who stumbles onto the money Lucy and Ethel hid?
  8. What explanation does Lucy give for the money?
  9. Who falls for Lucy's story?
  10. Does Lucy get to keep the money?
How well do you know the I Love Lucy episode ''Lucy goes to Monte Carlo''

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