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How well do you know ''Rebecca Redux''?

Rebecca left her job at Cheers, but how long did she really last?

Even though she was introduced halfway through the show's run, Rebecca Howe is remembered as a fan favorite character on Cheers. In honor of what would've been Kirstie Alley's 72nd birthday, Jan.12th, why not take a quiz on the episode where Rebecca tries to find a new job after leaving the bar? Good luck!
  1. Who pours beer over a customer's head at the bar?
  2. What piece of technology is giving Sam trouble?
  3. What building materials are sent to Cheers instead of pretzels?
  4. What does Woody ask for in lieu of getting his bonus cut?
  5. What does Rebecca say her new job is?
  6. What does Sam do with all the extra sorghum he accidentally ordered?
  7. What is the name of the new bar manager?
  8. What is Rebecca actually doing as a job?
  9. What body part does Rebecca hurt at her new job?
  10. What is Rebecca's first assignment after coming back to Cheers?
How well do you know ''Rebecca Redux''?

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