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How well do you know hard candy?

This hard candy quiz is probably pretty easy for Boomers

When we went to grandma's house we could count on two things — a kiss on the cheek and a dish full of hard candy.

Hard candy sitting out (in Depression glass, atop a doily, ideally) in the living room was a part of growing up, especially around the holidays. Undoubtedly, you sucked on several of these as kid — and perhaps still do today.

So let's see how well you know what they are called and what they taste like!

  1. What is this classic Christmas treat called?
  2. What flavor are these blue candies?
  3. What are these familiar mints called?
  4. What flavor are these "buttons"?
  5. What are these?
  6. What flavor are these brown candies?
  7. What are these fruity hard candies called?
  8. The mints in the first train car are named after a U.S. state. What are they?
  9. These mints come wrapped in Bible verses. What are they called?
  10. Finally, what are these called?
How well do you know hard candy?

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