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How well do you know famous cover songs?

Do you have it covered?

Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

Cover versions of songs have the ability to transcend genres and generations. Whether a musician wants to pay homage to an artist they admire, or someone wants to go wild by doing a completely different rendition of a classic, we're all about it. 

Many musicians cover tracks during their live shows or even throw them on an album. Sometimes, though, those covers really take off and people forget who actually performed the original version. 

We've put together a quiz that tackles some of the most popular cover tracks from the 1960s until now, as well as a few lesser-known ones from genres all over the map... how much ground can you cover? Find out now!
  1. What iconic Beatles song wasn’t originally recorded by the Beatles?
  2. Who recorded "Respect" before Aretha Franklin?
  3. Which member of the Highwaymen wrote “Me and Bobby McGee,” which Janis Joplin went on to popularize?
  4. Johnny Cash really made "Hurt" his own, but who originally recorded it?
  5. Who has never recorded “I Will Always Love You?”
  6. Who hasn’t covered Bobby Freeman’s “Do You Wanna Dance?”
  7. Which punk famously covered Frank Sinatra’s “My Way?”
  8. What duo covered Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe?”
  9. What song wasn't covered by Nirvana on the 1994 album MTV Unplugged in New York?
  10. What Misfits track has Metallica not covered?
  11. Who’s never covered the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun?”
  12. What classic track has Britney Spears not covered on one of her albums?
  13. Which Fleetwood Mac hit did country group The Dixie Chicks score a No. 2 hit with?
  14. Which cover didn’t go No. 1 on the Billboard chart?
  15. Destiny’s Child covered which Bee Gees track on their 2001 album, Survivor?
How well do you know famous cover songs?

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