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How well do you know Cheers trivia?

Original castings, on-set feuds and more! How well do you know 'Cheers' trivia?

Who doesn't love a bit of trivia? Also, who doesn't love Cheers? Put those two things together and you get a good time. How well do you know trivia about this iconic sitcom? Good luck!
  1. What spot did the series premiere hold in the Nielsen ratings when it debuted?
  2. Which actor was NOT in all 270 episodes of the show?
  3. Which comedic actor was originally tapped to play Frasier?
  4. Which character is often obsessed with their hair?
  5. True or False: Woody Harrelson's character also being named Woody was a coincidence.
  6. Which two actors didn't get along on set?
  7. Which character was only supposed to be around for one story arc?
  8. Which prolific music artist visited the set once?
  9. What is Norm's real first name?
  10. Who did the writers intentionally give bad lines because they knew the actor would make them funny?
How well do you know Cheers trivia?

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