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How well do you actually remember A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Can't anyone tell Charlie what Christmas is all about?

Images: Lee Mendelson Films 
A Charlie Brown Christmas wrapped a whole lot up into a short 25-minute special. With just about every festive activity you can imagine packed in with the heavy dose of the Christmas blues that Charlie Brown has come down with, it did its magic to sum up what the season was all about - which is why so many of us return to re-watch it every year around this time.

Do you know exactly what Christmas is all about, according to Charles Schulz's Peanuts? Only fans truly tapped into this timeless holiday special will ace it. Good luck!
  1. What’s the first thing you see when the special starts?
  2. What style is Charlie Brown’s winter hat?
  3. How many Christmas cards does Charlie Brown get?
  4. Lucy never eats December snowflakes. Which winter month does she prefer?
  5. How much is Lucy’s psychiatric help to cure Charlie Brown's Christmas blues?
  6. Lucy lists a bunch of phobias, but only one resonates with Charlie Brown. What’s pantophobia?
  7. What’s Charlie Brown’s role in the Christmas play?
  8. What’s the main issue everyone has with Christmas in the special?
  9. Which classic Christmas song is NOT featured in the special?
  10. Who explains what Christmas is all about?
How well do you actually remember A Charlie Brown Christmas?

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