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How trendy were you in the 1980s?

You had to have pants, but were they parachute pants?

We already asked how trendy you were in the 1970s, and it turned out that most of you were pretty hip! But did you carry on that momentum through the '80s? Or were the '80s the first decade that you were old enough to finally be cool —  or stop caring?

Scroll through some of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the 1980s and see how many people had a similar experience as you!
  1. Did you go to the movies to see Gremlins?
  2. How about E.T.?
  3. Have you ever made a mixtape?
  4. Do you remember watching Live Aid?
  5. Did you tune in to the M*A*S*H finale?
  6. Did you ever get a perm? (Don't worry, we won't tell)
  7. Ever take an aerobics class or watch an aerobics video?
  8. Did you own a Swatch? Hope you had the protector too!
  9. Did you buy a copy of Thriller?
  10. Did you spend your days watching music videos on MTV?
  11. Do you ever drink a New Coke?
  12. Did you take pictures with a Polaroid Instant Camera?
  13. Do you wish you could still get a McDLT?
  14. Were you a Pac-Man fan?
  15. Did you have a collection of scrunchies?
  16. Was there a member of The Breakfast Club you identified with?
  17. Were your pants high waisted?
  18. ...or of the parachute variety?
  19. Were you a member of the Members Only jacket owners club?
  20. Did you ever (try to) breakdance?
How trendy were you in the 1980s?

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