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How trendy were you in the 1970s?

Did you see Star Wars in theaters or boogie at discos?

We might not use Snapchat, or know what kids are talking about when they say something is "lit," but we were all cool at one point. 

Were you up on trends in the 1970s? We've taken some of the biggest pop culture moments and fashion staples of the decade and put them into this survey. Answer the questions below and see how many other Decades fans were the coolest kids in the '70s.
  1. Did you have these in your closet?
  2. Disney World opened in 1971. Did you visit the park in that decade?
  3. Pong arrived in arcades in 1972. Is this video game how you spent your Friday nights?
  4. Was this in your shower?
  5. The finale of 'M*A*S*H' was the most-watched TV event in 1983, but did you tune in to the premiere in 1972?
  6. Did 'Jaws' terrify you in theaters?
  7. Did you watch early episodes of 'Saturday Night Live?'
  8. Did you ever go to a disco?
  9. How about the roller rink?
  10. Did you wear puka shells?
  11. Did Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' spin on your turntable?
  12. How about this Bee Gees classic?
  13. You've obviously seen 'Star Wars,' but did you see it in theaters?
  14. Led Zeppelin played their last concert in 1980. Did you ever see them live?
  15. Lastly, did you wear bell bottoms?
How trendy were you in the 1970s?

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