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How popular are your opinions about fall?

Grab your light jackets and carving gear – it's autumn, everyone!

That's right – fall is here, and signs of its arrival are starting to show up all over the place! Whether you've experienced some cooler temperatures in your neck of the woods, or maybe you feel the familiar craving for apple spice-flavored treats, the time has come to celebrate the changing of the seasons and get in the mood.

We're curious to see what you love most about the season, so take this survey and let us know what you are excited for in fall!

  1. Of these three, which is your favorite part of the season change?
  2. Which cozy item of clothing do you look forward to wearing the most?
  3. Which is your favorite fall holiday?
  4. Which fall excursion are you most likely to do?
  5. Let's say you do find yourself at an orchard or family farm. Which activity are you doing?
  6. Which sport are you most excited to watch?
  7. When you carve a jack-o'-lantern, is it silly or spooky?
  8. Do enjoy scary movies?
  9. OK, what's your favorite seasonal pie?
  10. Pick one: hot apple cider or hot cocoa?
  11. What seasonal food are you looking forward to most?
  12. This is super nit-picky, but we're curious: Cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves?
  13. Which do you prefer: soup, stew or chili?
  14. Lumberjack plaid. You know it, but do you love it?
  15. Here's a controversial question: are you a fan of pumpkin spice?
How popular are your opinions about fall?

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