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How much do you really love 1970s TV?

See if you can pick the '70s show every time.

It's one thing to boldly declare which is your favorite decade of television. It's quite another thing to go show by show and make decisions that can reveal if what's in your heart syncs up with the decade you think you love most inside your head.

That brings us to today's challenge for super-'70s fans. Go through the list below, which pits some of the biggest '70s shows against huge hits from other eras. Only the biggest '70s TV fans will pick the '70s every time. See if you surprise yourself!
  1. Which unconventional family show do you like better, the The Brady Bunch (1970s) or The Andy Griffith Show (1960s)?
  2. Which workplace sitcom do you like better, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970s) or Cheers (1980s)?
  3. Which clashing couple made you laugh more, The Jeffersons (1970s) or Lucy and Ricky on I Love Lucy (1950s)?
  4. Which unusual anthology made your head swirl more, Fantasy Island (1970s) or The Twilight Zone (1950s)?
  5. Which military sitcom did you like more, M*A*S*H (1970s) or Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (1960s)?
  6. Which superhero series did you like more, Wonder Woman (1970s) or Batman (1960s)?
  7. Which was the better show about a displaced alien, Mork & Mindy (1970s) or ALF (1980s)?
  8. Which offbeat detective series did you like more, Charlie's Angels (1970s) or The A-Team (1980s)?
  9. Which hit detective series did you like more, Columbo (1970s) or Dragnet (1950s)?
  10. Which classic family sitcom do you like more, Happy Days (1970s) or Leave It to Beaver (1950s)?
How much do you really love 1970s TV?

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