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Don't be a square — match these hippies to the correct TV show

Free love… but no free answers.

Get ready for some flower power. It seems like every television show in the 1960s featured hippies at some point. The trend carried over into the 1970s, too.

At the time, the hippies were often portrayed as villains, misguided youth or silly comedic characters. See if you can place these shaggy, free-spirited souls to the correct shows.

  1. Space hippies! These groovy musical folks appeared in "The Way to Eden."
  2. The Mosquitoes caused a lot of buzz as hippie rockers on this show.
  3. Recognize the hippie lady strumming for the little girl?
  4. The Standells rocked a shindig at the house of this family.
  5. More space hippies! A group of dangerous space hippies turned up in "Collision of Planets."
  6. Rob Reiner played a hippie in the memorable "Flower Power" episode of this sitcom.
  7. Blue Boy was a far out hippie in "The LSD Story."
  8. This hippie visited his "Uncle Ollie" on which sitcom?
  9. Perhaps the man in the purple hat can help you place this collective of hippies?
  10. If you ever needed someone to go undercover as hippies…?
  11. She sang a cover of Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" on this show. See if you can spot the main characters in the crowd.
  12. The "Robin Hood of Griffith Park" met hippies in one of the England episodes of this sitcom.
  13. Larry Wilcox wore a "Save the Whales" shirt and this outfit as the hippie in the "Hippies and Yuppies" episode of which show…?
Don't be a square — match these hippies to the correct TV show

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