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Do you know what these television network acronyms stand for?

Some of these networks have been around for decades and decades, but do you actually know what their acronyms mean?

You see them all the time. From social media promotions, to commercials, or even in the bottom corner of your screen while you watch your favorite show. Television networks started with the big three and have grown exponentially since TV's golden age. 

ABC, NBC and CBS were the homes to several, now-classic, television series. Other networks have of course joined the party in the decades since.

You see these acronyms and logos all the time, but do you know what they stand for? 

Take this quiz and find out!

We really hope you get ours right! 

  1. Let's start with an easy one... What does MeTV, stand for?
  2. What does CBS stand for?
  3. How about ABC?
  4. Do you know what ESPN stands for?
  5. What does TNT stand for?
  6. What about TBS?
  7. How about NBC?
  8. What does PBS stand for?
  9. What about MTV?
  10. What does HBO stand for?
Do you know what these television network acronyms stand for?

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