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Do you know these celebrity guest stars on The Jeffersons?

Only a TV trivia expert can move on up to the winner's circle.

When George and Louise Jeffersons struck it rich, they were suddenly rubbing shoulder with the elite. Which means all kinds of famous faces turned up on The Jeffersons

From 1975 to 1985, you could spot everyone from budding child stars to chart toppers, from hall-of-fame athletes to food moguls on this sitcom. Of course, you can still catch them today in reruns.

See how well you know your pop culture of the era. Try to move on up to 8 or more correct answers!
  1. This actor is best known for playing what character in the Star Wars universe?
  2. This young child star would later delight sitcom fans playing which character?
  3. This legendary soul singer turned up in the episode "The Good Life."
  4. Speaking of soul singers, the group Sister Sledge sang their biggest hit in "My Guy, George." Which song was that?
  5. He might be hiding behind presents, but we bet you can name this Rat Pack legend.
  6. This young actor earned his first ever screen credit in the episode "Ebony and Ivory." He would later portray which classic sitcom character?
  7. Sports stars turned up on The Jeffersons, too. This California Angels star also had his name on a popular candy bar.
  8. You can spot these two boxing champions when the Jeffersons visit Atlantic City in "You'll Never Get Rich."
  9. Who is this color character making a cameo in "You'll Never Get Rich"?
  10. She constantly turned up a guest star on TV in this era, especially aboard The Love Boat.
  11. This Jeffersons guest star was best known for M*A*S*H. Which character did he play?
  12. This Jeffersons guest star also appeared in a memorable episode of Taxi. However, he is best known as the founder of what iconic food brand?
Do you know these celebrity guest stars on The Jeffersons?

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