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Do you agree with these fashion rules?

To mix patterns or not to mix patterns, that is the question.

There are some rules of thumb that should be followed to the letter because, at the end of the day, it's just good advice. Leave your house five minutes earlier than you need to. Look both ways before crossing the street. Pack an extra pair of socks when traveling. These are things that most people can agree are solid day-to-day practices.

When it comes to fashion rules, however, it seems there is some argument over which ones to follow and which can be ignored. For example, the phrase "don't wear white after Labor Day" has been thrown around for generations, but it actually got it's start as a smart way to beat the heat.

In the early 1900s, families who could afford to do so would travel for months at a time during the summer. To help beat the heat, their wardrobes were primarily light pastels and white. By the first Monday in September, the summer whites were put away until the following Memorial Day, and thus began the fashion rule. 

With one hundred years between us and the fashion of the past, surely the times have changed enough to bend the rules? It seems that not everyone agrees! We've come up with a list of common fashion do's and don'ts.

Now, it's up to you. Do you agree with these popular fashion rules? 

  1. Let's start with some recent events: is it OK to wear white between Labor Day and Memorial Day?
  2. Can you mix the colors black and brown in an outfit?
  3. How about black and navy?
  4. Should your belt match your shoes?
  5. In that case, should your shoes match your purse or handbag?
  6. Horizontal stripes are unflattering. Ye or nay?
  7. Denim on denim. Is it a good look?
  8. Let's discuss jewelry. Can silver and gold be mixed in one outfit?
  9. OK, how about this; can a button-down shirt be worn untucked?
  10. Are peep-toe shoes and pantyhose a match made in heaven?
  11. Suits should either be black or a sensible navy. Thoughts?
  12. Imagine plaid, paisley and polka-dots, all in one outfit. Is mixing patterns permitted?
Do you agree with these fashion rules?

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