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Did these popular foods exist back in 1979?

Could you wash down an Egg McMuffin with a Diet Coke?

You have a time machine and travel back to 1979. Naturally, the first thing you do upon arrival is eat. 

We have a list of twenty popular foods — snacks, sodas, candies, cereals, etc. The big question is whether or not you can find these items in 1979. 

Here's a hint: half of them were introduced in the 1970s; the other half arrived in the 1980s. Tell us whether or not these treats existed in '79!
  1. Did Lunchables exist in 1979?
  2. Did Hamburger Helper exist in 1979?
  3. Did Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles exist in 1979?
  4. Could you drink a Shamrock Shake in 1979?
  5. Could you scarf down a McRib sandwich in 1979?
  6. Could you have an Egg McMuffin for breakfast in 1979?
  7. Could you wash it all down with a Diet Coke in 1979?
  8. Could you nuke a Hot Pocket in the microwave in 1979?
  9. Could you eat a Lean Cuisine for dinner in 1979?
  10. Could you eat a handful of Reese's Pieces in 1979?
  11. Could you pour a pack of Pop Rocks in your mouth in 1979?
  12. Could you crunch on some Teddy Grahams in 1979?
  13. How about Fruit Roll-Ups? Did those exist in 1979?
  14. Did Nerds candies exist in 1979?
  15. Could you chew on a Whatchamacallit in 1979?
  16. Could you snack on some Tostitos in 1979?
  17. Could you have a Skor bar in 1979?
  18. Could you quench your thirst with a Mello Yello in 1979?
  19. Could you slurp down a Slim Fast in 1979?
  20. Could you blow bubbles with Big League Chew in 1979?
Did these popular foods exist back in 1979?

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