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Did these music artists appear on ''The Ed Sullivan Show''?

Ed Sullivan had tons of guests on his show over the years, are you able to remember them all?

The Ed Sullivan Show was a major fixture in the American pop-culture scene for over 20 years. If you wanted to know about the newest popular acts sweeping the nation, you would tune into The Ed Sullivan Show and see what's what. So, with this in mind, can you figure out if these music artists ever made an appearance on Ed's show? (And to make things a little more interesting, we won't be including Elvis Presley or The Beatles on this quiz). Good luck!
  1. Did The Supremes perform?
  2. Did Miles Davis perform?
  3. Did Ella Fitzgerald appear?
  4. Did Michael Jackson ever appear as a solo act?
  5. Tina Turner?
  6. The Rolling Stones?
  7. Prince?
  8. Tony Bennett?
  9. The Monkees?
  10. Stevie Wonder?
Did these music artists appear on ''The Ed Sullivan Show''?

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