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Can you spot Marvel's Avengers in their early screen roles?

Every superhero has an origin story.

Avengers: Endgame is the biggest movie of all time. No wonder, it has one of the biggest cast of characters perhaps ever assembled. At some points, there are seemingly 30 heroes on the screen.

It's a cinematic epic 22 films in the making, which has given its performers plenty of time to become recognizable stars. We looked back on the actors' resumes to find them in some of their earliest roles.

See if you can spot these Marvel heroes in their younger days. One catch — you have to know their Marvel hero name, too. Good luck!
  1. This actor landed an early role in an Aussie kids show called 'The Saddle Club.'
  2. This Marvel hero made his second screen appearance in the 1970s series 'Movin On.'
  3. This Avenger landed a first major role in a 2000 Fox comedy called 'Opposite Sex.'
  4. This Marvel hero was a patient in the final season of 'ER.'
  5. This Avenger was part of the cast of a 1994 Fox sitcom called 'Wild Oats.'
  6. This actor found a breakthrough lead role in a cop series called 'The Beat.'
  7. The movie 'Tuff Turf' featured both an Avenger hero — and a major villain. Which hero?
  8. This Avenger found an early role in 'Touched by an Angel.'
  9. This Marvel hero made a screen debut in the 1994 movie 'North.'
  10. This Avenger first appeared in the film 'The Impossible.'
  11. This Marvel hero got off to a silly start in 'National Lampoon's Senior Trip.'
  12. This actor had a breakthrough role in the 1987 movie 'Hamburger Hill.'
Can you spot Marvel's Avengers in their early screen roles?

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