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Can you solve these classic TV riddles?

Riddle Me this.

Riddles tease the mind by masking something familiar with curious phrasing that throws off the would-be solver, but these riddles should be easy for any fan of classic TV!

Read each riddle below and see if you can figure out the right answer to solve each one. We promise you won't encounter a single troll under a bridge on your journey. Good luck!
  1. It’s three hours to get to me, an eternity to leave. What am I?
  2. Chip’s dad had three children. The first was named Mike and the second was named Robbie. What’s the name of the third child?
  3. Who’s in the room, but no one sees? Who always tells us who, but not always why? Who exists in a destination, but only in the imagination? Who is it?
  4. Three for each became six in one. This show ended with six plus one.
  5. She’s one of TV's biggest stars, but also can’t get a break in showbiz. Who is she?
  6. Who moves every minute, but never leaves one place, knows every name, but might want you out of her face?
  7. Two girls were born in two different towns, same in every single way and yet they’re not twins. How can this be?
  8. There is a word and four letters it contains. Take four away and only stars remain.
Can you solve these classic TV riddles?

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