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Can you remember what these 1989 advertisements were selling?

Try to guess what these ads were pushing.

From Max Headroom to Spuds MacKenzie, from "Where's the beef?" to "Time to make the doughnuts," the Eighties had its fair share of memorable advertising.

We gathered some commercials and print ads from the last year of the decade, 1989. See if you can match the image to the correct product. Good luck!
  1. Everybody wanted to wear a colorful watch from this company.
  2. What kind of beverage was being sold in this memorable Super Bowl ad?
  3. What is being sold by this Joe?
  4. What brand dubbed itself "The Heartbeat of America"?
  5. This fast food chain was bragging about the tomatoes on its Cheeseburger Deluxe.
  6. What was being sold in this iconic print advertisement?
  7. What is Bob Uecker all dressed up to sell?
  8. What is being sold in this back cover advertisement?
  9. Michael J. Fox played tug of war with his clone for this cola.
  10. What kind of product is being sold here?
  11. What is being sold here?
  12. Eastpak pointed out the difference between "old wicked" and "new wicked." What were they selling?
  13. Finally, Belinda Carlisle was selling Brats. It was a shoe, not a sausage. Who made Brats?
Can you remember what these 1989 advertisements were selling?

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