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Can you remember the lyrics to Survivor's ''The Eye of the Tiger''?

The No. 1 hit from 1982 still pumps us up.

Image: The Everett Collection

DUN! DON DUN DON! There are two things that are hard to believe about "Eye of the Tiger." First, for a song so associated with Rocky, people forget it did not turn up until it was the theme of Rocky III in 1982. Likewise, the song, which is equally the band's defining anthem, was part of Survivor's third album, Eye of the Tiger. Survivor sings the words "survive" and "survivor" so often in the lyrics, it's a wonder that the song was not the group's mission statement from day one.

No wonder then that the pump-you-up rocker raced all the way to the top of the charts like Rocky on steps. It felt overdue. 

With it's tick-tocking opening guitar riff that explodes like a time bomb with blasts of power chords, "Eye of the Tiger" has been a staple in sports for decades. Any event in an arena feels wrong without this jock jam blasting from the speakers.
  1. Rising up, back on theā€¦?
  2. Did my _______, took my chances?
  3. Just a man and his _______ to survive?
  4. So many times, it happens too fast / You trade your _______ for glory?
  5. It's the eye of the tiger, it's the _______ of the fight?
  6. Risin' up to the challenge of our _______?
  7. And the last known survivor ________ his prey in the night?
  8. And he's _______ us all with the eye of the tiger?
  9. Face to face, out in the ________?
  10. Hangin' _______, stayin' _______?
  11. They stack the odds 'till we take to the street / For the ______ with the skill to survive?
  12. Had the _______, got the glory?
Can you remember the lyrics to Survivor's ''The Eye of the Tiger''?

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