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Can you remember all these former fast food mascots?

You probably have to be a Boomer to remember all these characters.

Mmm… burgers and pizza. It doesn't take much to get Americans hungry for those two favorite foods, not to mention fries, shakes, chicken and tacos. Nevertheless, fast-food chains trot out cute and clever characters to lure us in.

You probably had to live through the Seventies and Eighties to remember all of these vintage mascots. Restaurants have brought some of them back for nostalgia's sake. We can't complain. They bring back memories of ketchup and kid's meals.

How many of them can you remember?

  1. Domino's wanted you to "avoid" him.
  2. Dairy Queen used this newspaper comic strip character for years.
  3. Before Ronald, McDonald's relied on this fellow to sell its burgers.
  4. McDonald's rolled out this fellow to sell its Shamrock Shakes.
  5. Pizza Hut had a fellow named "Pizza ______"?
  6. This Dunkin' Donuts character grumbled, "Time to make the donuts…"
  7. A&W had this cute yellow dude.
  8. Burger King used this little fellow in the 1970s to promote its Whopper.
  9. Kids (and parents) went to ShowBiz Pizza Place for the pie and this animatronic bear.
  10. Burger Chef had The Burger Chef, of course, and his young sidekick named…?
  11. Hardee's used this cartoon cowboy in 1970s commercials.
  12. Red Barn featured this unique… creature.
Can you remember all these former fast food mascots?

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