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Can you recognize your favorite black-and-white TV shows in full color?

Do the sets and characters look different in color?

Black-and-white cinematography is beautiful. The shadows of noir give it that extra grittiness. A 1950s living room just feels cozier and more familiar in black-and-white. Even Parasite, the most recent winner of the Oscar for Best Picture, is getting a release in black-and-white.

Some of the greatest shows in television history filmed in black-and-white. You know them best for the look.

But would you recognize them in full color? See if the sets and characters still ring a bell in a rainbow of colors.

  1. Does this kitchen — and redhead — look familiar to you?
  2. This apocalyptic scene looks much different in vivid color.
  3. This family actually had bright pink walls in their gothic home.
  4. The show later turned color, but she was only in the black-and-white ones.
  5. Do you recognize this living room — and the woman dancing in it?
  6. The pistols might be unfamiliar, but that jawline is iconic.
  7. The only one missing is a driver.
  8. The car was bright red, actually.
  9. Eek!
  10. This dapper man had a crimson tie.
  11. Who's on the boat?
  12. Does the actor give it away?
  13. Just a pleasant evening with the family.
  14. Finally, recognize these sitcom kids?
Can you recognize your favorite black-and-white TV shows in full color?

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