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Can you recognize these Top 10 movies from the fall of 1969?

James Bond, Charlie Brown and Hitchcock were all at the box office.

Barbra, Bond and Charlie Brown! And zero CGI. That was going to the movies in 1969. It was also nice that tickets cost a little more than a buck.

The fall of 1969 offered something for everybody at the movie theater, from musicals to heists. We gathered ten of the biggest box office smashes from the fall of '69.

Well, we snatched a piece of the poster. It takes a true cinephile to recognize all these movies — even with the hints.

  1. Paul Newman and Robert Redford headlined this classic Western.
  2. George Lazenby became the new James Bond in this 007 adventure.
  3. Michael Caine pulled a gold heist in this film. It was later remade.
  4. The Peanuts gang appeared in their first feature-length film called…?
  5. Barbra Streisand starred in this 1969 Broadway adaptation, which earned seven Oscar nominations (winning three).
  6. Alfred Hitchcock adapted a Leon Uris spy novel into this late-career thriller.
  7. Clint Eastwood starred with Jean Seberg in this musical Western. He sang a song called "I Still See Elisa."
  8. Goldie Hawn won an Oscar for her performance in this comedy.
  9. A young Kurt Russell starred in this zany Walt Disney movie.
  10. Peter O'Toole starred in this musical adaptation, which was first made into a movie in 1939.
Can you recognize these Top 10 movies from the fall of 1969?

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