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Can you recognize these classic TV stars on old album covers?

Think you still know these television actors as models on a record sleeve?

Some stars were more than just a familiar face on your TV screen. Some were familiar faces in the record store racks!

You know these actors from classic television series. They also happened to model for album sleeves — both for their own records and others.

See if you can recognize these stars. Maybe you'll find one in a bin near you.
  1. He sure knew how to laugh — and make us laugh. He starred in which series?
  2. Here is an album from 1974 called 'The Dirty Old Man.' You might know this fellow better as which character?
  3. In 1995, the punk band Lagwagon released its album 'Hoss.' Who is the actor on the record sleeve?
  4. Who is this star on the cover of 1961's 'Remembers How They Stopped the Show'?
  5. You might now the model on this provocatively titled 1959 album better as what character?
  6. This Lalo Schifrin platter from 1968 has which actor all over the cover?
  7. She released 'Down to Earth' in 1967. But you know her better for portraying…?
  8. This actress offered up her 'Portrait' in 1978.
  9. If you search the cover of this 1964 soundtrack, you'll find the face of which TV character?
  10. She shook maracas on the cover of Raoul Martinez's 'Cha Cha Cha.' You know her best for playing which TV character?
  11. Here's a familiar model on the cover of the 1958 album 'Melody of Love.' You know her better as…?
  12. Finally, this actress from 'The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis' appeared on the cover of Matthew Sweet's 1991 album 'Girlfriend.'
Can you recognize these classic TV stars on old album covers?

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