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Can you recognize television stars on the covers of TV Guide in 1965?

Time to do a little Sixties stargazing.

Images: TV Guide

The Sixties were a time of change. Culture was changing — and so were TV channels. Because there were so many great shows! It was hard to choose.

But TV Guide magazine was there to help you decide. All for just 15¢!

Here are some covers from the weekly that hit newsstands in 1965. Put your pop culture skills to the test and try I.D. them!

  1. See if this doodle rings a bell in your noodle.
  2. Some fun family time with guys from…?
  3. This couple could be seen on…?
  4. These women are main stars of…?
  5. Who is this happy human strutting along the lawn?
  6. Recognize these astronauts?
  7. Which show is on the cover of the June 12 issue?
  8. Who is this sketched fellow in close up?
  9. Who is this man in the all-American necktie?
  10. Which military sitcom cast is posing as Washington crossing the Delaware?
  11. The actress from 'Broadside' in the circle is Sheila James. You know her from her previous sitcom…?
  12. Who is this doodle with the stogie?
Can you recognize television stars on the covers of TV Guide in 1965?

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