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Can you recognize classic TV characters when they're soaking wet?

Try not to get hosed.

It's hot outside. Real hot. And nothing cools you off like a splash of water. Even if it is by accident — or a prank.

All these beloved characters found that out when they got hosed, dunked and drenched on television. See if you can recognize their faces when soaking wet. Good luck!
  1. That's one way to put out a cigar.
  2. Which M*A*S*H character is taking an unwanted shower?
  3. Who is catching some spray on water skis?
  4. Which cop took a jump off the pier?
  5. Who is that on the right about to catch some waves?
  6. Which Western character fell into the trough?
  7. Which Bonanza boy took a tumble into this pond?
  8. Who is trapped in the show with Vivian?
  9. Who is the blondie Brady toweling off?
  10. You probably recognize the actor, but here he is a guest star on which series?
  11. Who is Jill spritzing with a seltzer bottle?
  12. Who is getting doused with a bucket of water?
  13. Who is getting hosed?
  14. That umbrella did not exactly keep her dry.
  15. Finally, this robot is getting his circuits soaked on which show?
Can you recognize classic TV characters when they're soaking wet?

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