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Can you place these dance party TV shows into the correct decade?

Boogie, groove and bust a move through television history.

From the Twist to the Worm to the Nae Nae, even if you can't dance, it's fun to watch. At least, that's what the sheer number of dance TV shows over the decades would suggest. 

It also helps that dance party shows are pretty cheap to produce. All you need is an empty studio, dramatic lighting, some music and a bunch of teenagers.

Getting down to the hits of the day has been part of television since its early days. We gathered some of our favorite dance party shows throughout history. See if you can put them into the correct decade. 

  1. Let's kick things off with Shindig! Put the Shindig dancers into the correct decade.
  2. Adrian Zmed of T.J. Hooker fame was the host of Dance Fever.
  3. There was quite the hubbub about Hullabaloo. Put it in the correct decade.
  4. Lorenzo Lamas hosted Dancin' to the Hits. Put it in the correct decade.
  5. The show known as Groovy broadcast out of L.A.
  6. Andy Gury stands in the middle of the dancers on Dance Party USA. Put them in the correct decade.
  7. Put the Solid Gold dancers into the correct decade.
  8. Soul Train aired for decades, but can you put this Temptations performance into the correct era?
  9. American Bandstand was on television for decades, too. Put this moment into the correct decade.
  10. James Brown hosted a show called Future Shock. Put it in the correct decade.
  11. Broadcast out of Philadelphia, Dancin' on Air featured everyone from Madonna to Nine Inch Nails.
  12. U Dance with B96 was a local dance party on Chicago television.
  13. Put this dance scene from The Arthur Murray Party into the correct decade.
  14. Put this scene from MTV's The Grind into the correct decade.
Can you place these dance party TV shows into the correct decade?

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