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Can you pick the correct animal to complete these horror movie titles?

Suspense and shock beyond any animal you have seen or imagined!

Are you the king when it comes to creature features?

See if you can pick the right animal to complete the names of the best big bug, monster and other horror movies over time.

Try not to get your claws crossed! Good luck!
  1. The Library of Congress called this 1963 Alfred Hitchcock nightmare starring Tippi Hedren “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant":
  2. In 1991 this horror movie became the first scary film to win an Oscar for Best Picture, which takes its name from a memorable quote about which animal?
  3. The first time we saw Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff onscreen together was in this 1934 horror movie:
  4. People couldn’t decide which part they liked better about this shocking 1986 film, the crazy make-up effects or Jeff Goldblum:
  5. This 1990 black comedy horror movie taught the whole world that Arachnophobia is the fear of which insect?
  6. This 1956 horror movie was about mutant humanoids who live deep under the Earth:
  7. This 1959 picture from Roy Del Ruth was about a young nurse who suddenly recalls her horrific past, and it’s so bad the doctors decide to suppress the memory for her.
  8. The 1971 horror film Willard is said to have inspired Jaws and is about an awkward man who shirks a social life to spend more time with this animal:
  9. The 1954 movie Them was one of the first “big bug” features of the 1950s. Which insect did it make a monster?
  10. Bob Hope starred in this bizarre horror comedy from 1939 (also remade in 1978) about an eccentric millionaire who dies and has his will read at midnight:
  11. This 1972 “eco-horror” movie was criticized because its victims died by snakes, birds and lizards, but not which title animal?
  12. This cult film from 1967 is another black horror comedy that centered on three siblings, including one obsessed with which insect?
  13. Atomic radiation blew up which insect for this creepy 1959 creature feature set in Florida:
Can you pick the correct animal to complete these horror movie titles?

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