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Can you name these women-led rock bands?

Can you rock the world with this quiz?

Image Credit: The Everett Collection

Are you ready to rock? To prove you've got what it takes, test your knowledge of women-led rock groups by matching the correct group to 3 of their songs. Good luck! 

  1. "One Way or Another" "Call Me" "Rapture"
  2. "Heads will Roll" "Maps" "Sacrilege"
  3. "Ain't it Fun" "Emergency" "Misery Business"
  4. "Barracuda" "Crazy on You" "Alone"
  5. "Bring Me to Life" "My Immortal" "Everybody's Fool"
  6. "Underneath it All" "Hey Baby" "Don't Speak"
  7. "Love Shack" "Roaming" "Wig"
  8. "Go Your Own Way" "Think About Me" "Love is Dangerous"
  9. "Crimson and Clover" "I Love Rock and Roll" "Bad Reputation"
  10. "Down on Me" "Summertime" 'Funkie Jim"
Can you name these women-led rock bands?

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