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Can you name these stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1974?

One catch: everyone is illustrated.

This quiz will test two things, really — how well you know your 1970s pop culture, for starters. Then, it's also kind of an assessment of how well TV Guide magazine illustrators captured their subjects.

The covers of TV Guide in 1974 often featured colorful artwork. We dug through the awesome TV Guide Cover Archive for some of our favorites. 

See if you can I.D. these TV celebs!
  1. This hit series made the cover twice in 1974.
  2. Who was "bowing out" after 23 years?
  3. Who is this '74 TV celebrity?
  4. Name this sitcom from 1974.
  5. Which show is depicted on this cover from January 26, 1974?
  6. Which sci-fi show is being promoted with this cover?
  7. The number might give you a clue.
  8. This screen legend was starring in a series called 'Hawkins.'
  9. On which show could you find these two fellers?
  10. Recognize this redhead? It helps if you know who would be wearing that bonnet below her.
  11. You probably recognize the sitcom character on the left. So, who's "The Boss"?
  12. He was an anchorman for NBC Nightly News in 1974.
Can you name these stars on the cover of TV Guide in 1974?

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