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Can you name these housekeeper characters from classic sitcoms?

We'll be honest. We personally do not know anyone in the real world who lives with a butler. Nor a housekeeper, for that matter. 

But in the land of television? Sitcom families seemed to always have help living under the roof. Housekeepers, butlers, maids — they are all common character types on classic shows.

We bet you'll recognize them. But can you name them all? Try to ace this without asking for help.
  1. Everybody knows and loves Alice from The Brady Bunch. But what was her last name?
  2. Aunt Bee helped raise Opie on The Andy Griffith Show. What was her last name?
  3. The Jeffersons moved on up to a deluxe apartment… and hired this housekeeper.
  4. She was the Drummonds housekeeper on Diff'rent Strokes before heading to The Facts of Life.
  5. This fine English gentlemen helped raise the kids on Family Affair.
  6. Who needs to hire a housekeeper when you can have a relative move in? This senior helped out around the house on My Three Sons.
  7. This iconic butler from Soap eventually got his own series.
  8. Who is this headlining butler from a popular 1980s sitcom?
  9. Tony Danza portrayed a baseball player turned housekeeper on this sitcom.
  10. The Addams Family had this towering butler to care for their needs.
  11. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air relied on this butler.
  12. On The Nanny, this stuffy butler took care of the house.
  13. On WKRP in Cincinnati, Mrs. Carlson owned the radio station. She had this aging manservant by her side.
Can you name these housekeeper characters from classic sitcoms?

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