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Can you name these Hostess icons?

These sweet lunchtime heroes have names — do you know them?

Everybody has a favorite sweet treat from their childhood, but none is more beloved than the Hostess snack cake. In any one of its various forms, these goodies have been delighting snackers since the early 20th century.

Hostess first began operation in 1919, with the introduction of the classic cupcake. The cupcake, a chocolate sponge filled with cream and topped with a thin coating of chocolate icing, made a major impact on the pre-packaged food industry. All over the country, people were indulging in these quick cakes, making them hard to ignore. In 1925, Continental Baking wanted to add a line of sweets to sell alongside another home pantry staple, Wonder Bread. Noticing the cupcake, Continental Baking purchased the recipe and rebranded a branch of the company as "Hostess." Hostess would go on to release 11 more desserts, some in varying flavors to satisfy whatever your sweet tooth may crave. 

Thus, an era of lunchbox delight was born. Everyone had to pack one at some point, so take a peak at these questions and show off your treat trivia; can you name these Hostess icons?

Happy snacking!
  1. Who is this Hostess Hero?
  2. Who is this Hostess Hero?
  3. Who is this Hostess Hero?
  4. Who is this Hostess Hero?
Can you name these Hostess icons?

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