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Can you name the TV show that featured these boss characters?

Bosses have long been a part of TV shows. On sitcoms, they are typically portrayed as bald men with three piece suits, a big desk and a hot temper. On cop shows, the boss is likely a screaming captain, typically portrayed as a bald man with a button-down shirt, a messy desk and a hot temper.

More often than not, however, they prove themselves to be nice guys after all. 

Let's see how well you can identify some memorable bosses from classic television. We'll start with some recurring characters… before we get into some more obscure characters. If you can get 8 or more of these right, you deserve a promotion.
  1. This banker showed up in more than 200 episodes of what sitcom?
  2. Speaking of banks, this fellow was another prominent banker on 1960s TV.
  3. This comical boss was better known for his executive assistant.
  4. Every good cop show need a bossy police captain. Who had this one?
  5. How about this power producer?
  6. His staff called him the "Big Guy."
  7. This stuffy fellow showed up as the "supervisor of quality control" on what sitcom?
  8. How about this guy? He was the boss of the dad on which sitcom?
  9. Managing a Food Circus was a good gig, at least by the looks of this office on what sitcom?
  10. This man was the editor of which character?
Can you name the TV show that featured these boss characters?

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