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Can you name the TV show by the letter 'C' in its title?

In this test, getting a C is a good thing.

When you brought home your report card, getting all C's was never the goal. Well, in this case, we want you to get all C's — all the C's we're about to show you.

We took a letter "C" from the opening credits of classic TV shows. Pay attention to the background, too, because it's often a clue.

Let's "C" if you can get 11 out of 11.
  1. "C" if you know this one.
  2. "C" if you can sweep through this one.
  3. Are you "C" worthy enough to know this one?
  4. "C" if you can gather enough evidence in this image.
  5. O say can you "C" this one?
  6. "C" if you can put your stamp on this one.
  7. "C" if you can solve this case.
  8. "C" if you remember this classic sitcom.
  9. "C" if you can spot this ratings hit from 1987.
  10. "C" if you remember this sunset.
  11. Finally, "C" if you recognize this sitcom.
Can you name the TV show by the letter 'C' in its title?

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