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Can you name the classic TV show from just one episode description?

We describe a memorable episode. You tell us the TV show.

The most memorable episodes of TV continue to be praised, sometimes more than 60 years after they originally aired. 

Ready to test your love of these classic episodes?

Below, we describe some of the best-known episodes of huge hit shows to see if you can name the show from just one episode summary. 

Think of it like channel-surfing through a TV Guide. Only the biggest TV fans will emerge as kings and queens of the clicker. Good luck!
  1. The series star wants to be on TV so bad but can’t control her reaction to a sponsor’s product. Which show was it?
  2. A girl has two dates but one swollen nose after getting hit in the face with a football. Which show was it?
  3. The whole neighborhood is paranoid after it seems aliens dressed as humans invade. Which show was it?
  4. A happy homemaker decides to open a Chinese restaurant and quickly gets in over her head. Which show was it?
  5. Thanksgiving is best spent with your coworkers, frozen turkey and mushy peas. Which show was it?
  6. Here's another Thanksgiving episode. On this show, when his wife ditches him on Thanksgiving, he turns the holidays into a stag party. Which show was it?
  7. It takes a special trip into the past to stop the show's doctor from altering history forever. Which show was it?
  8. An alien lands on Earth in the 1950s and chooses an average boy to study. Which show was it?
  9. A soldier writes home to his dad then flies out to the front line dressed as Santa. Which show was it?
  10. The clown host of a children's show dies, and everyone makes jokes but the series star. Which show was it?
Can you name the classic TV show from just one episode description?

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