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Can you name the celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1969?

Recognize these famous faces?

The Sixties were coming to a close. It was a time of change. Culture was changing — and so were TV channels. Because there were so many great shows! It was hard to choose. But TV Guide magazine was there to help you decide.

Here are some covers from the weekly that hit newsstands that year. Put your pop culture skills to the test and try I.D. them!
  1. Recognize these cowboys?
  2. You could find her on which show?
  3. Which cast is assembled here on the train tracks?
  4. The sci-fi stars of this show are trapped in a beaker.
  5. Can you crack the case of who's in this cast?
  6. That is Jodie Foster's big brother, Buddy. He starred on which sitcom?
  7. Recognize this cast? Don't blow it!
  8. Of course, the biggest show of the year was filmed on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reached the moon on which Apollo mission?
  9. This TV legend was best known for which classic series?
  10. Who is the woman at the 'Today' desk?
  11. Who is this funny face?
  12. This crooner hosted a variety show from 1962–71.
  13. He hosted a show on national television from 1955 to 1982.
Can you name the celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1969?

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