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Can you name the celebrities hosting these Christmas specials back in the day?

Try to name all these crooners, country singers and comedians!

The 1970s were a golden age for Christmas specials. Each network wrapped up comedians, crooners, country singers and pop stars to host holiday variety shows. There were jokes, mistletoe, a little dancing and a whole lot of singing. 

But do you remember the celebrities who were ho-ho-hosting these jolly broadcasts? Below, you will find some images from classic network television Christmas specials. They mostly come from the '70s, but there are some from the '60s and '80s, too. We've also included a few TV movies and sitcom reunions. Try not to Scrooge it up! Good luck!
  1. David Bowie popped in for a 'Merrie Olde Christmas' with this crooner in 1977.
  2. Meanwhile, he was starring in 'The Honeymooners Christmas Special' in 1977.
  3. This family reunited for a Christmas movie in 1988 — with some new family members and new mustaches.
  4. Which country icon is hosting this 1979 special?
  5. Okay, which kooky comedian and sitcom star is dressed up as Santa here?
  6. This late comedian hosted his 'Early, Early, Early Christmas Special' in 1981.
  7. Which Rat Pack member is hosting his 'California Christmas' here in 1977?
  8. These popular Seventies siblings are hosting a 1980 Christmas special in this photo.
  9. Okay, a little tougher — who is the family member on the right?
  10. This pop duo hosted a Christmas show in 1976, singing "Little Saint Nick" with some sisters in this shot.
  11. This 1950s sitcom family came 'Home for Christmas' in a 1977 TV movie.
  12. She hosted her 'Christmas Show' in 1963.
  13. This popular singer hosted several Christmas specials over the years. Here he is with family in 1974.
  14. That's Ed McMahon as Santa. But who is hosting this 1967 special? Hint: This singing and dancing actress starred in 'South Pacific' and famously appeared between Beatles sets on 'The Ed Sullivan Show.'
Can you name the celebrities hosting these Christmas specials back in the day?

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