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Can you name every TV character on the cover of TV Guide in 1975?

One catch: They're all illustrated.

Once upon a time, we had to discover what was going to turn up on our TV sets through magazines and newspapers. None of those easy channel guides were around to help us in 1975.

That's okay, because getting the weekly issue of TV Guide was a joy. It was filled with interviews, reviews — and some wonderful illustrations.

Below, you will find 11 pieces of artwork that graced the cover of TV Guide magazine in 1975. See you if can match each one to the correct show. Good luck!
  1. This is the cast of what show?
  2. Do you recognize this clan?
  3. One popularized head scarves. The other became the voice of Marge Simpson.
  4. These two could be found on what show?
  5. Where could you see this trio?
  6. What show featured these fabulous ladies?
  7. Here are the Today hosts of 1975. Who is the woman on the far right?
  8. Okay, who's the fellow with the mustache on the left?
  9. A horse in Manhattan? Which should could this be?
  10. Who is this?
  11. Finally, who is this journalist?
Can you name every TV character on the cover of TV Guide in 1975?

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