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Can you name celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1980?

Actors look a little different in ink and oil.

You would recognize all these actors from classic TV shows. In photographs. 

Illustrations? Those are a little harder. Artists are more subjective. Which can make identifying the stars on TV Guide a little tougher. Back in the day, the magazine loved to use paintings and drawings on the covers.

All of the following covers hit newsstands and grocery aisles in 1980. Keep that in mind as you try to match the cover with the TV show. Good luck!
  1. What show featured these porthole people?
  2. Recognize this trio?
  3. The sunglasses and hat should help.
  4. Where could you find this fellow?
  5. How about this trio?
  6. Who is the actor on the left?
  7. Recognize this duo?
  8. These two TV veterans teamed up on which show?
  9. Where could you watch these bubbly personalities?
  10. Recognize these eyebrows?
  11. What about this clan?
  12. What was the name of this 'All in the Family' spin-off?
  13. What was the name of this 'BJ and the Bear' spin-off?
  14. Do these women ring a bell?
  15. Finally, we have this drama. What was it called?
Can you name celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1980?

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