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Can you name all these rainbow candies?

Proof that there's more than one way to taste the rainbow.

When you serve up the most colorful candies, it brings smiles to kids everywhere, which is probably why every sweet tooth can't get enough of their rainbow ways, across every decade.

Think you can navigate this candy spectrum and solve for all these vibrant sweets?

Scroll through the candies below and see if you can make these rainbow connections and name every single one. Good luck!
  1. Which fruity candy first dared you to taste the rainbow in 1974?
  2. These colorful candies have been around since the 1940s and claim to be the most popular gumdrop:
  3. Remember what these little sleeves of rainbow sweets were called?
  4. In 1982, these candies arrived, shaped like the fruits they taste like:
  5. These peppy candy straws were introduced in the late 1950s and are full of rainbow-colored sugars:
  6. These tangy sweets first appeared in the mid-'60s and are still popular today:
  7. This illustration has helped create intrigue for kids gazing at its packaging since this candy was introduced in 1976:
  8. Introduced in 1969, this rainbow-colored gum had a super catchy jingle:
  9. We first met this mascot in 1983, appearing on boxes of this candy that often came in two colors:
  10. Here's a candy from the 1950s, marketing as flying saucers with a surprise inside:
Can you name all these rainbow candies?

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