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Can you name all these Disney movie pets?

I.D. furry friends from Geppetto's tuxedo cat to Toy Story's bull terrier.

In Disney movies, pets could be great sidekicks whether you were friend or foe.

We watched cats, dogs, birds and even a tiger play pivotal roles in cherished kids movies from Cinderella to Toy Story.

Think you can name all of Disney's most memorable pets? See how many domestic companions you can I.D. below. Good luck!
  1. This cat was spoiled in Geppetto's workshop and later went on to become Minnie Mouse's pet:
  2. The greatest punishment for the Darling children in Peter Pan was being separated from this sweet St. Bernard:
  3. The actor who voiced this talking pet owl in Sword in the Stone also voiced Rabbit in the Winnie the Pooh franchise:
  4. Partner to Perdita and pet to Roger Radcliffe, this guy arguably led the pack in 101 Dalmatians:
  5. Eva Gabor voiced this high maintenance housecat who fell for a tomcat in The Aristocats:
  6. This toy-chewing dog belonged to known toy abuser Sid Phillips in Toy Story:
  7. This kitten is orphaned but later adopted in Disneys late 1980s modern take on a Dickens character:
  8. In The Fox & the Hound, we watched this pup grow up and try to battle his canine instincts:
  9. In Lady & The Tramp, this bloodhound used to track down evildoers until he lost his sense of smell:
  10. In Aladdin, both Aladdin and Jasmine's pets were voiced by the same actor, Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo's Fred Jones orginator). What was Jasmine's tiger called?
  11. Forget the Cheshire Cat for a second. Let's talk about Alice's adorable kitten in Alice in Wonderland, called what?
  12. There were loads of animals helping out in Cinderella, but her stepmother's cat was definitely considered an antagonist:
Can you name all these Disney movie pets?

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