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Can you name all 10 of these forgotten TV reboots?

The Sixties, Seventies and Eighties will always be mined.

Who needs original ideas when the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties gave us so many fantastic shows? 

For decades, television has been recycling its most familiar properties. They just announced a new Knight Rider. It doesn't matter when you take this quiz — that statement will probably be true. Occasionally, they click and turn into big hits, like MacGyver.

Sometimes, however, the reboots quickly fade into obscurity. Like this lesser-known 10. See if you can name that reboot!

  1. Andy Dick phoned in it in this 1995 reboot.
  2. Malcolm McDowell starred in this 1998 reboot.
  3. Which Eighties action favorite was rebooted as this crew in 1997?
  4. This Sixties series made a syndicated comeback in 1987.
  5. Monte Markham had the winning hand as this classic character in 1973.
  6. This big family came returned to television for a new generation in 1991.
  7. This 1994 reboot brought back the original star (pictured center).
  8. "Matt Doyle" and "Gus Grant" were the new officers in this 1990 reboot.
  9. Michelle Ryan played this Seventies action hero in a 2007 reboot.
  10. Stuart Townsend revived this Seventies character in short-lived 2005 series.
Can you name all 10 of these forgotten TV reboots?

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