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Can you match these swimming pools to the correct TV show?

No running!

It's time to cool off and dive headfirst into some classic television.

These series knew how to make a splash — just add water. Below, you will find 14 pools from classic TV shows. Try to match the scene to the correct title. Will you sink or swim?
  1. Sometimes you have to improvise.
  2. Now that's how you make a big splash on TV!
  3. If you can't make it to the pool, fake it.
  4. Don't trust a man who wears a top hat to a pool.
  5. Now that is an above-ground pool.
  6. Is that why they call it "falling in" love?
  7. It's take a keen eye.
  8. Now that is how you chill in the pool.
  9. Every once in a while, a fellow has to get out of town.
  10. Careful where you step on the diving board!
  11. See if you recognize this character lounging by the pool.
  12. This is the scene from the series finale of which classic show?
  13. This man is making a splash on which TV show?
  14. Can you spot the main character enjoying a poolside lunch?
Can you match these swimming pools to the correct TV show?

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