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Can you match these kids to the correct horror movie?

Do you know Danny from Damien?

Images: MGM

Some of the scariest movies put the spotlight on kids, who play both victims and villains to instill equal chills in the audience.

Think you can match every boy and girl to the horror movie they helped make a hit?

Consider Danny Torrance's friend Tony your guide as your scroll through the screenshots below. Good luck!
  1. These ghost twins were a chilling factor in the plot of which movie?
  2. This kid drowned in a lake, but he got his revenge in which film:
  3. This kid famously did not get along with his sister in which movie?
  4. This boy's love of his family helped save the day in which movie?
  5. This kid turned out to be the son of the devil in which movie?
  6. This girl developed telepathic powers in which movie?
  7. This kid goes missing, then comes back hauntingly changed in which movie?
  8. She's known as a ghoul girl, but now we'd call her a zombie. What movie is she from?
  9. This kid goes from wide-eyed and adorable to horrifying and menacing in which movie?
  10. These jump-roping girls signal the arrival of which horror movie villain?
Can you match these kids to the correct horror movie?

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