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Can you match these episodes to the correct workplace sitcom?

Working 9 to 5 - what a way to make a living!

Watch a workplace sitcom long enough and it almost feels like you're punching the clock, too, season after season.

So that makes all these characters basically your coworkers! And in that case, this quiz should take you right back to the proverbial water cooler, remembering all the workplace hijinx you watched on each show, from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to The Office.

Below, we've picked episode titles that contain clues to the show they're connected to. Your job? Try to match the episodes to the correct workplace sitcoms! Good luck!
  1. Pretty much every workplace requires employees to file reports, but on which workplace sitcom would you have heard "Radar's Report"?
  2. Every boss has his or her own management style, but "Manager Coach" was a home run of an episode on which workplace sitcom?
  3. Hiring for any manager can be a headache! On which workplace sitcom did they at one point place a want ad that served as the episode title, "Assistant Wanted, Female"?
  4. It's easy in any job to think of "The Road Not Taken," but which workplace sitcom do you think highlighted this itch?
  5. Every cast had its own set of coworkers, but on which workplace sitcom did we learn about "The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally"?
  6. Mixing work with pleasure is usually a bad idea, but it made for good sitcom fodder in "The Captain the Lady" in which workplace?
  7. Family tension has no place in the workplace, but on this sitcom, "Momma's Review" always set all the employees on edge:
  8. Co-worker quips and wordplay can make the office more fun. On which show would you expect a pun like "Mind Your Own Business" to fly?
  9. A new boss can throw the whole office off in a workplace sitcom. Which show did justice to that joke on the episode "Dan's Boss"?
  10. Ever have a boss who invents awards in your office? On which workplace sitcom did employees win "Dundies"?
Can you match these episodes to the correct workplace sitcom?

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