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Can you match these big hits to the correct animal band?

Prove you actually were born to be wild.

Tons of bands have taken their names from the animal kingdom, but can you keep them all straight?

Today we present a zoo of hits from the 1950s to 1990s, and it's up to you to match the massive song to the animal band that made it famous. Good luck!
  1. Which band named after primates convinced us to "Listen to the Band"?
  2. Which band inspired by insects got us chirping along to "That'll Be the Day"?
  3. Bands named themselves for creatures from land AND sea. Which water-dwelling animal band gave us "Happy Together"?
  4. Many bands named themselves for birds, but which one soared to the top of the charts with "Take It Easy"?
  5. Some bands were inspired by entire groups of critters, including this one behind "The House of the Rising Sun":
  6. Even the most rocking bands weren't immune to cute animal names. Which heavy band gave us "Pour Some Sugar on Me"?
  7. Here's the most apt song title on our list: "Born to Be Wild" was courtesy of which canine-friendly act?
  8. Here's some more bands with minds of a feather, but which one had us crooning to "Silly Love Songs"?
  9. You have your choice between buffalo and bunny bands to figure out who sang the dramatic 1980s hit "The Killing Moon":
  10. Here's one of the Eighties' favorite ballads, later dubbed a Song of the Century. Which cool cat do we have to thank for the little story about "Jack and Diane"?
Can you match these big hits to the correct animal band?

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